Best 8 Websites To Learn New Technologies For FREE in 2024

 Top 8 Websites To Learn New Technologies  For FREE in 2024 - Best of Lot

 From learning how to code to General learning.

Any time is a good time to start learning that new skill you’ve always wanted. Today, with the internet, picking up new skills is easier than ever and you don’t even have to go to college or a training school. With just a few clicks, you can access boundless amounts of information, for beginners and experts alike. 

Sometimes, the sheer number of online classes can throw you for a loop. It can seem like everyone is trying to sell you their courses on certain skills, so how can you know if you’re learning from a truly reputable source?

If you’re looking to learn something new, here are the best websites for learning new skills online. 

Computer coding is the use of computer programming languages to give computers and machines a set of instructions on what actions to perform. It’s how humans communicate with machines. It’s what allows us to create computer software like programs, operating systems, and mobile apps.

Learning how to Program and code can increase your chances in the ever growing technological world. coding is a great skill to acquire and it can be interesting and fun and there is a lot of things you can do with coding.

Whether you're looking to learn a new language or get into programming for the first time, these sites are some of the best at giving coding practice to beginners.

Codecademy is one of the most popular free coding websites for beginners. On their platform, you can learn how to program among other technical skills . Its reputation as one of the best free coding websites is well-deserved. Codecademy revolves around interactive learning; that is, you read a little, type your code right into the browser, and see results immediately.

There are tons of easy-to-understand lessons available on Codecademy for various coding languages, such as Python, HTML, CSS, and Java. For each language, you’re guided through interactive lessons so you can grasp the basic skills. 

This free online coding school, created by Quincy Larson, teaches coding first through an established curriculum (approx. 800 hours total), then by giving you hands-on experience working on projects for nonprofits. It’s perfect for learners who want to learn how to code online by getting practical, hands-on experience that will do some good and look impressive on a resume

W3Schools is a freemium educational website for learning coding online with video tutorials and references on web developement languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP,  SQL and JQuery and covers all the basics of programing and web developement.
They also offer both paid and free coding classes.

2. Language Learning

One of the most popular skills many people would like to learn is to speak a new language. Get started learning a new language on any of the sites below


If you’re ready to start some interactive language learning, FluentU provides real videos in your target language that you can watch and learn to understand. You’ll also have access to tons of other learning materials, such as (flashcards, quizzes,  dictionaries. cartoons, music videos, news, documentaries, movies, even funny YouTube videos). The videos range in difficulty and use a selection of tools to help learners understand the material. 

This is one of the top programs for learning a new language, as they make the process easy and fun. For each lesson, you’ll learn new words and phrases so you can start speaking your target language right away. With many lessons available, you’ll have plenty to practice with. 

Babbel is free to try, but you’ll need to sign up for the full version. It offers high-quality, bite-sized courses that focus on speaking. The platform provides content that’s relevant and interesting to you. And your progress syncs automatically across all devices. One benefit of the platform is that you’ll focus on all aspects of the language equally. This is different from other platforms that focus mostly on translation or flashcards. It also clearly explains grammar and language structures.  


In this article, you'll find a list of resources,including Apps and websites, that can help you learn a new language. with them ,you can explore many new languages from the comfort of your own home.

Here is a list of 34 Great Apps and Resources to Help You Learn a Language

3. Mobile Repairing

Nowadays, it takes a lot of time and money to get into a technical field and land a job. However, if you aren’t good at academia or you don’t want to spend so much time and money, you might want to try other avenues. Jobs like being an auto mechanic, or a lab technician just require learning a few basic concepts that you can learn through short or medium-term courses without spending too much.

The job of a mobile phone repair technician is one such job. If you are planning to make a career in this field, you could always seek for free resources over the internet along with the training. Hence, I have compiled a list of websites and resources to learn mobile phone repair online for free.

One of the best ways to learn mobile phone repair is to go through the several websites that are already teaching it. The advantage of this is you get lots of knowledge and learn various tricks without really spending anything  If you want, you could join a training institute as well. Either way, these are skills that you also learn on the job. The resources below will help you get a head start on the training at no cost.

- is one of the most renowned website in this field. It has a vast section where you can learn how to fix cell phones as well as almost every other electronic device and cars too. The guides are extremely comprehensive and made systematically.

They have step by step pictures and videos accompanying the instructions. The guides have been well categorized and are very easy to browse through.

They are pioneers of the right to repair movement, a concept which encourages and allows consumers to repair their own electronic and mechanical devices themselves.

4. CyberSecurity

Whether you classify your information security experience as beginner, intermediate or expert, Cybrary will have courses and training tailored to your skill set. There are more than 150 courses in the catalog, including classes on cryptography, secure coding, advanced penetration testing, virtualization management, and more.

Cybrary aims to “provide the opportunity to learn Cyber Security, to anyone, anywhere, who wants that opportunity.” The result? A plethora of free cybersecurity courses and resources on all topics related to the field. The crowdsourced security and IT learning platform boasts two million users, providing a toolkit of resources like free practice tests, practice labs, and assessments to help you achieve your professional goals.

Developed by the SANS Institute, this free course aims to help alleviate the shortage of cybersecurity professionals by introducing students and professionals to the field. It is designed to provide novices with many of the core security principles needed to kick off a cybersecurity career.

We’ve come to the end of these Best 8 Websites To Learn New Technologies , did you learn something new? We certainly did!

If you’d like to learn more facts about technology, you can see more over on our tech category.

let us know if you know about any other new Websites To Learn New Technologies ?

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